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Which Car Charger Is The Safest?

Car chargers have become a part of our lives as a standard car. However, safety issues concerning car chargers have occurred frequently. Recently, many website news reports are reported. Which car charger has burned out the mobile phone even When an explosion occurred while charging, it was inconvenient to see such reports. So, is the current car charger safe in the end? Next, Xiao Bian will introduce you to some of the more common car chargers on the market to see which one is the safest.

Car chargers are low-voltage products and generally do not have unsafe factors for the human body. At this point, the "unsafe" car charger is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High-voltage breakdown car charger. General car battery power supply is 12-24V, there will be impact voltage when the car starts, 24V power supply models may produce more than 30V voltage instantly. At this time, the quality of the car charger may be damaged due to high transient voltage.

2. The metal case causes a short circuit. Metal car charger surface looks good material, but due to the car cigarette lighter there are tolerances, inserted in some models of cigarette lighter, may be conductive due to the metal shell, causing cigarette lighter short circuit and burned car insurance .

3. Affect the car radio. Some counterfeit products will not be certified by the European Union CE and the United States FCC electromagnetic compatibility, work will produce more obvious interference signals, affecting the normal work of car audio and other audio and video systems.

4. The use of low-efficiency car chargers with very low chip prices, poor chip performance, very low power conversion rates, most of the power being wasted, and charging speeds very slow.

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