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USB Interface Charger ≠ USB Interface + Patch Panel

In recent years, the patch panel has also undergone changes and it has begun to bring its own USB interface. Charger manufacturers engineers said that this small change has brought a lot of convenience to life, but due to product reliability and safety issues, there are also some hidden dangers.

USB charger


It is reported that a few days ago, the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision conducted a quality supervision and random inspection of a USB charger (plugging board) and found that there were different unqualified items in eight batches of products, and the overall qualification rate was about 60%. The barely passing level.

According to the test data display, the charger factory engineer introduced that the charger with USB interface is not a combination of the USB interface and the patch panel in the ordinary sense. The ordinary plug-in board belongs to the primary circuit, the voltage is 220V, and the other end of the USB interface is directly connected with the mobile phone, belonging to the secondary circuit, and the voltage should be less than or equal to 5V.

The use of pressure resistance is one of the items in this sampling inspection, that is, the electric strength resistance of the sample after the wet heat treatment, and there are some gaps, creepage distances, and insulation penetration distances, which may cause users to use these wires. When the board charges the phone, it will come into contact with 220V high voltage. The power adapter engineer introduced, for example, that consumers use their mobile phones while they are charging their phones, and then there are electric shocks to the mobile phones. This is a big reason that the gap has not reached the limit, or is not big enough. This highlights the fact that Insufficient product safety testing.

The product safety testing technology service, on the one hand, benefits from the development of a mature professional third-party testing agency, and on the other hand, it comes from the continuous development and growth of the electronic and electrical market quality and safety needs. Experts said that domestic professional third parties have taken the lead in the industry, not only allowing small, medium and micro enterprises to obtain professional, authoritative, reliable, and rapid product safety testing services, but also to promote product safety throughout the industry. The level of detection rose.

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