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USB Interface Charger Should Not Be Mixed

Currently, the output interfaces of mobile phone chargers are almost all USB-type. Although the output voltages of different brands and different types of mobile phone chargers are the same as 5V and the output current is different, whether the chargers with different output currents can interact with each other For use?

 To understand this problem, we must first understand how the current when the phone is charged is controlled. After many inquiries and consultations with mobile phone manufacturers and power adapter manufacturers on the Internet, it is concluded that it is best not to mix them. The reply of Philips mobile phone customer service center is as follows: 1. The current of the mobile phone during charging, the display of the charging process on the display screen and the charging termination after full charging are controlled by the internal circuit of the mobile phone; 2. The power adapter does not adjust the charging current The functional circuit (a phone charger circuit diagram in the "E-news" No. 26, 4th edition can confirm this statement); 3. The above two conclusions apply to all brands of mobile phones and power adapters; 4. The power adapter nameplate marked The output current is a reference value and is preferably used at or below this current value. 5. The power adapter is not a constant current source based on the calibrated output current.

 When the calibration output current of the charger is less than the current required for charging the mobile phone, the control command sent from the internal power management module of the mobile phone is determined together with the internal resistance of the charger, if less than the optimal charging current and greater than the calibrated output current of the charger, At this time, the output voltage of the charger will slightly decrease, and the amount of heat will increase slightly. However, the charging of the mobile phone can usually be completed within a few hours, but it will not cause damage to the charger, but the charging time may be prolonged.

 Therefore, the author believes that after the charger is fully charged, the charger should be placed in a ventilated place where it is not easy to come into contact with flammable materials to cool it down to ensure safety.

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