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There Is A Sky-high Price For The Apple IPhone Data Line. How Do You See This?

      I saw a data line exposed by netizens. This data line is very strange and looks very weird, like a umbilical cord. There is a sky-high price for the Apple iPhone data line. How do you see this? I think some people may find it difficult to accept the appearance, this is not the key, the key is the price is super expensive, astronomical data line think about you willing to use it?


       Perhaps the first time you saw such an iPhone data cable, and at first it was a little uncomfortable. Is it a bit scary to watch? At the beginning I was scared too. Is this an embarrassing thing? Did you make your eyes wide open? It turned out that iimio had designed the data line as an umbilical cord. And this data line will bounce when it is charged, just as the mother delivers nutrients to the fetus. Iimio's explanation is that his creative inspiration also comes from human indulging in mobile phones. This new iphone data line was recently sold on Esty and was instantly fired up. It was just because of the styling.

       Designer iimio sells new data lines on Esty. The appearance is... Yes, mother's umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a mammalian tubular structure that connects the fetus to the placenta and consists of two arteries and a vein. As for the price of this data line...I think after hearing this, I would like to scare off my chin. This data line is really not cheap, 5687.20 dollars a, yes, equivalent to about 38,000 yuan RMB, one, enough to buy five iPhone7Plus. Visual inspection or look at the picture is good, anyway, I'm sorry, with the normal iPhone data line is also the same charge, why should we use so expensive, long so strange data line. What do you think about this?

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