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TC016 Schitec Usb Wall Charger For Smartphones

TC089 schitec usb wall charger for smartphones

It's easy to imagine that most third-party wall chargers are purchased after someone loses their original USB power adapter. Decisions on which type of charger to buy are most likely based on what's currently available at most airport waiting areas, or the cheapest option at the nearest convenience store next to most hotels. Price is probably also a big factor since a replacement model from Apple is around $20. However, if you're in the market for a new iPhone or iPad charger because you need another option, then you have the rare luxury of searching for what best suits your needs. There's a lot of different wall and travel chargers available for iOS devices. Here's a look at one model we were able to test for a few weeks.

We've already looked at the Schitec Charge multi-port USB charger, which allows you to charge up to four devices at once. While the Schitec Charge is great for a stationary charging area, you may want something a bit smaller for travel or for charging in tight spaces. The Schitec Plug is a wall charger much like Apple's USB power adapter, except it accommodates two devices, instead of one. The wall mount is a bit bulkier than the standard Apple model, but it does not block additional outlets in wall sockets or power strips like some other models on the market.

There isn't much to say about a wall charger. The AluPlug features two full-power USB ports and attaches to any standard US wall socket. It can charge any USB-powered device, including all iOS devices, Android devices, Bluetooth headsets and so on. 

The schitec Plug is lot classier looking than the colorful third-party options typical available at most retailers. The AluPlug is covered in high-grade aluminum with a knurled finish which gives it a modern look that pops from your wall.

I can't find anything to complain about. The Schitec Plug easily attaches to any wall socket and delivers what it promises. It is a decent replacement or backup option for charging your iPhone or iPad, or both. You do however need your own Lightning to USB cables if you want to connect two devices at once.

The Schitec Plug wall charger is available for around $2-$3 through alibaba.com 

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