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New Method In Case Of Damaged Bads USB-C Line Equipment

This protection method known as "USB Type-C Authentication specification" (USB Type-C certification specifications), consists of a set of software rules, devices can enforce these rules for any insertion. USB Implementers Forum said that this new agreement will allow "host system to confirm the authenticity of a USB device or USB charger, including descriptor/function and certification status of products".

In simple terms, when a device through the USB Implementers Forum's certification, you can inform users of smartphones or tablets, by using a 128-bit encrypted communication is secure. This process occurs in real time, then the device will only be allowed to transmit data. In addition, users can also set rules for its devices, allowing or not allowing any USB device operation. For example, users can set rules only allow USB devices to perform charging operation, or only accept USB device is marked by IT departments can trust the data.

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