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Market Analysis Of Mobile Chargers

Have you ever imagined leaving your cell phone or computer in your life? Now, no matter where you go or what you do, you will use a mobile phone, even a bus, a subway, etc. We will use electronic products to pass time when we are having a leisure time. Various electronic devices have completely integrated into our lives. They are a very important part of our lives. However, precisely because of this, the use of power adapters, chargers, and other devices is also increasing. In 2017, the consumer IT industry in China developed rapidly. The CAGR (average compound annual growth rate) for the next five years is 20.9%. Markets such as MP3s, digital cameras, digital video cameras, personal media players (PMPs), and handheld game consoles are prospering further and challenge the dominant position of the PC industry as the main driving force of the IT industry. The CCID market analysis report predicts that the growth rate of the digital product market in China will be 82.4%。


One of the development trends of mobile digital products is the pursuit of miniaturization in appearance and the second is the pursuit of diversification of functions. The miniaturization of appearance will inevitably reduce the size (capacity) of the battery; the diversification of functions, especially when using a color LCD display, will accelerate the consumption of battery energy, and significantly shorten the working time of mobile devices. It is almost impossible to significantly increase the battery capacity. Statistics show that battery capacity increases by 20% every 10 years. Therefore, how to charge and power mobile digital products anytime, anywhere, and extend the use time of mobile digital products is the biggest problem for users of mobile digital products currently and in the future.

There are basically two types of chargers currently used in the market: high frequency switching power chargers and power frequency transformer chargers. Switching power chargers are commonly called smart chargers. Compared with power frequency chargers, they generally have the following advantages:

1. The power frequency charger is heavy and bulky, and it is not carried.

2. Power frequency charger with transformer, the cost is slightly higher and the price is higher.

3, the charging performance, high-frequency charger internal IC and other device control, for different batteries, there is a corresponding charging method, generally 3-5 paragraph charging, power frequency charger is difficult to achieve.

4, high-frequency charger high efficiency, less self-consumption.

Because high-frequency chargers have these characteristics, have been widely recognized by the market, and have also become the development trend of the charger industry.

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