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Just Connect A Mobile Phone To A Computer And You Can Use 3G To Access The Data Cable

    We only know that data lines can be charged and used to transmit data. In fact, the functions of mobile data lines are also numerous and practical. For example, the 3G network used by mobile phones connects the computer and the mobile phone through the data cable of the mobile phone. Only a data cable and a mobile phone can be connected to the computer to achieve 3G Internet access.

    For people who travel frequently or who like to travel, in order not to delay normal work, they often need to use laptops for mobile Internet access. However, due to the fact that the popularity of the Internet in our country has not yet reached the scale of Europe, the United States or Japan, South Korea and other countries. We can't easily find a place where we can use a wired/wireless network, so the use of 3G networks to achieve mobile Internet access for notebooks has become a popular way for such people in the past two years.

    First we take a look at connecting 3G mobile phones via USB. Although China's 3G network is still developing in China, it is running at a rate that we cannot predict, especially after smartphones have gradually become mainstream products in 3G mobile phones. Basically, the mainstream operating systems on the market today can be divided into four mainstreams: Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, and Nokia's Symbian. These four operating systems currently allow the phone to provide network support for the computer via a USB connection.

    In Android phones, for example, when we connect a mobile phone to a computer via a mobile phone data cable, the system will prompt a dialog to select the connection method: When we select the link "Internet sharing and PC sharing mobile phone mobile network," the system will restart Recognizing your mobile phone as an internet device, you can understand that we have turned the phone into a Modem modem. The computer is now able to access the Internet through a modem.

    The options for Internet sharing can also be found in the "Wireless and Networks" option in Settings. Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s WM operating system now have such features available to users. If you continue to use the Internet on business trips and the mobile phone happens to be a 3G smart phone, then this is a time-saving and effortless way.

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