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Is The Phone Charging Fast?

Everyone knows that the charging process of smartphones is mainly accomplished by three parts: power adapters, data lines, and mobile phones. The speed of charging is affected in many ways. Internal factors include the mobile phone itself, power adapters, and data lines. External factors, including the weather, and how users use the phone, are all affecting the rate at which the phone charges.

The correct charging technique can help increase the charging rate!

The lithium battery will start the lithium battery protection when the electricity is very low, at this moment the mobile phone can't boot, the charging does not respond to at the initial stage, the charging time will also become longer. The phone being charged needs to wait a long time to wake up the battery and turn off the protection function. So try not to wait until the battery runs out before you think of charging.

As we all know, after the mobile phone is turned on, various programs have been running, which will consume more power and will naturally drag the “charge rate”. So try to turn off some apps while charging and turn off the phone screen. Of course, if you can turn off or switch to "flight mode", you will be able to save more power, and the charging speed will be faster. But for most people, it is not realistic for most people to completely cut off the connection with the outside world.

In addition, some friends like to charge through the computer's USB port, which takes longer to charge than to plug into the socket. Under normal circumstances, the maximum output current of the front USB port of the computer is only 0.5A, and the charging speed is very slow. If you have to use the computer's USB port for charging, you can use the computer's rear USB port because the current is more stable than the front port and the charging speed is relatively faster.

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