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How Does The Newly Purchased Data Line Prevent The Data Line From Being Charged?

     The quality of the data line, whether it is branded or not, will be bad. However, the mobile phone is inseparable from the electricity. If it is dead, it is necessary to rely on the data line of the mobile phone to charge it. Therefore, if it is broken, it will be replaced with a new one. Otherwise, the mobile phone will be dead. Changed the new data line to be unable to charge actually, Tian Hao! unexpectedly also encountered this strange thing. How do you avoid the situation where the data line cannot be charged in such a newly purchased data line?

     I believe that many people have this kind of experience: The data line is broken, a new data line clearly shows the charge, but it is a half-day charge is not enough electricity, or even a small amount of mobile phones, the results of a charge, The phone will not open completely. So, talking about the discoloration of the data line, invisible panic psychology produced invisible. Low prices are what most people are pursuing, but the variety of products on the market has led to people not being able to identify which data line is the best choice.

     However, the data line manufacturers tell everyone that as long as they have mastered effective methods, they can choose a high-quality data line for themselves to avoid the above situation:

1.the data line production process

Currently, there are mainly three types of data lines on the market: one is made of plastic shell; the other is hard plastic as material, and the shell is made by hot melt welding; and the third is using high-fiber nylon as material and made by weaving. Braided data lines, tensile strength is much stronger than the first two, not only tough and durable, extending the life of the data line, but also protect the control chip in the data line interface.

2.the difference between wire materials

The pure copper core wire resistance is small, can improve the charging efficiency of the data line greatly.

3.the interface problem

As we all know, the ends of the interface of the general data line are the worst places. Aluminum material can effectively avoid this phenomenon. Therefore, data line manufacturers warned that when purchasing data lines, special attention should be paid to whether the interface is made of aluminum alloy material.

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