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How Can You Quickly Identify The Advantages Of Your USB Type-c Data Cable?

   Now we are using smart phones to update quickly, but mobile phone batteries have not changed much. Can only be changed from the data line. In the past, we used more micro USB Android data cables, but today we use some of the new smart machines to change the shortcomings of poor battery life, a new generation of type-c data lines with very fast charging speed was born. Although the charging speed and the transmission speed are relatively high, the specifications of the data line are still not unified, so the type-c data lines of various quality grades are flocking. All right, bad ones rushed into the market. How can we identify the type-c data line? The data line manufacturer tells you how quickly the type-c data line can be distinguished.

   With the HTC 10, LG G5, Huawei P9 and other flagship mobile phones all adopting the USB Type-C data interface, the demand for USB Type-C data lines has gradually increased. But like the USB data line in the past, the market will always be filled with poor quality wire. With the attention of Google engineer Benson Leung, many poor-quality USB Type-Cs have been found to be easily purchased by consumers. If you are worried about buying a bad-quality USB Type-C data cable, you may wish to do a simple quality test yourself! If the USB Type-C data cable does not comply with safety regulations, there is a risk of burning the device.

   Benson Leung previously found that some USB Type-C cables cannot be used on his Chromebook Pixel. Through further testing, it has been found that many inexpensive USB Type-C data lines cannot control the current size at all. The reason is that the resistor used is not specified, that is, a 56 kΩ pull-up resistor is not used to assist in the identification of the device. 1.5A or 2.4A current. USB Check is an app that can detect USB Type-C security which will cause the device to be burned. A "USBCheck" App for this Android platform can help detect whether the USB Type-C data cable meets the standard. After installation, test results can be obtained by connecting the data cable to the computer and the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C plates. Once a red cross is present, it means there may be a security risk to this line and try not to use it.

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