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Do You Know The Correct Connection Of The Mobile Data Cable Plug?

      Everyone often uses mobile phones. I do not know if they have encountered such a thing. The plug of the data cable is broken and cannot be used. It cannot be charged. I had encountered this kind of thing before. I remember using the mini data cable. After a period of time suddenly can not be used, know where it is broken? The entire line was checked again. It turned out to be a problem with the data cable plug of the mobile phone. Only open the plug shell, it is removable. Then I saw the disconnected core and the pins of the plug. Some of them were disconnected from the power cord, and some were broken. In fact, they can be repaired if they are not serious. But do you know the correct connection of the phone data cable plug?

     Connection of the data line plug: the black line of the general data line is connected to the negative GND of the plug, the positive line Vcc of the red line is connected to the plug, the negative line of the white line D-, and the positive line of the green voltage D+.

     First of all, we plug the data cable into the phone, then use a multimeter to measure the through-file. Four pins, tentatively coded ABCD, to measure these four pins, which one pin to ground, is the ground line GND. After finding it, connect the black wire to the ground GND pin, which is the negative GND. Both ends of the general data line are positive and negative, and the negative electrode GND is found. The farthest one from the negative GND pin is generally the positive electrode Vcc. That is, the red line.

      Of course, this pin may also be positive. We can plug in the charger and connect it to the negative black line. Then touch the pin that is farthest from the negative electrode with the red line. If the display is charging, it is the positive terminal. . If not, it is another pin. When the test is turned on, the connection is correctly paired. Then use the solder to fix the black and red wires on the corresponding positive and negative electrodes respectively.

Data cable plug connection

      I personally think that the most important thing is to measure which pin is connected to the main board ground. In this case, if the white line D is not lost, the black line B is connected to the negative GND pin of the plug, the red line A is connected to the positive Vcc pin, and all are connected, leaving a C pin, which is directly connected to the green line. If the middle two data lines still can not determine which one, then try it out, first connect the USB head to the computer, micro head plug the phone, first put a white line on a pin, the green line touch Touching another pin, the computer and the mobile phone at the same time reminded to discover the new hardware and USB as the storage device of the mobile phone, even if the successful pairing, if no response to try. After all the connections are fixed, try connecting to the computer. Normal tail plug is normal, plug in can be used. I hope this method will help you who love you.

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