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Designed Specifically For The MacBook USB-C Interface-5-in-1 Hub

I think we all know the biggest drawback of the new 12-inch MacBook is only a USB Type-C interface, apart from the limited number of devices can be connected to, and for other uses common USB device not too convenient. But Hyper at CES the variety of Apple accessories posted by 2016, there is a USB Type-C interface-5-in-1 hub, definitely useful.

Splitters as a whole in addition to rather simple design, also has gold, silver and sky colors selected, fully compatible with MacBook fuselage color, looks as if it was integrated.

Specifications, HyperDrive USB-C 5-in-1 on the Hub apart from the outside there is a USB Type-C socket for charging, and it also has two USB 3.0 interface, a microSD card slot and an SD card slot. At present, the product has been put on sale Hyper official website, original price $ 69.99, but is now put on sale for $ 49.99 price.

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