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Correct Cell Phone Data Usage Precautions

     Whenever anything is in use, there are instructions for use and precautions. Mobile phone data line is no exception, the use of such a simple data line can be said not to teach will use ah. This is true, but don't underestimate these small things. Often the data line is broken is the usual carelessness, or bad habits and other such minor things, resulting in your data line is broken. So we need to understand the use of some of the correct data lines to use, so that we can extend the life of our mobile data cable.

1. pay attention to see the specific instructions. The instruction manual will inform you about the use of this data line. Only those familiar with these details will not damage the data cable due to improper use of data lines.

2. pay attention to moisture and dust, do not put in humid or dusty places. The port of the data cable is a metal structure that is easily oxidized by water and dust. Improper maintenance can cause water and dust to enter the cable, which can directly lead to short-circuit and unreliable operation of the data line.

3. avoid close to a strong heat source. The skin of the data cable is gelatinous. If it is close to a strong heat source (such as a very hot mobile power supply), it will cause thermal expansion and contraction, and long-time, multiple-time high-temperature stimulation will easily lead to wire damage and fracture.

4. mobile phone data lines and sharp sharp instruments should not be put together, even the best data lines have been scratched or broken is also not be used.

5. When inserting or removing the data cable, please do not push hard and do not pull it. When removing the data cable from the adapter, the computer, or the mobile phone, pinch it and try to avoid pulling the data cable body to prevent the wire material and the interface from being damaged or broken.

6. After devices such as mobile phones and computers are connected via a data cable, select “Safely Remove Hardware” and exit safely. Disconnecting the cable directly may damage your phone and computer.

7. When the data cable is idle, it must be placed naturally. Do not forcefully fold and bend the data cable. The data cable is made of plastic box aluminum foil shield. Long time folding and bending will damage the outer plastic layer and aluminum foil shielding layer of the data cable and reduce the service life of the data cable.

8. When the data cable is not used, try to avoid connecting the plug to the socket. Even if it is not charged, the charger will take a long time to cause internal device aging, the output power will become smaller, and the charging will be slower and slower.

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