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Cook Will Not Give The Cottage Apple Data Line Alive After Upgrading IPhone8 Data Cable

     Apple iPhone fast charge data line. In the domestic market there are a lot of cottage Apple data lines, Apple in order to protect their own interests and the market monopoly, Apple wants to extinguish the cottage Apple data line, the iPhone8 data line upgrade Cook will not give the cottage Apple data line to live Now.

    We still remember that some time ago the product wins the alleged monopoly on Apple's data line MFI authentication. Many netizens watched a joke. They felt that other people’s technology would have to collect money and not openly and arrogantly. It seemed to be true. After all, this is Apple’s patent. This to make money by making money?

    But it is indeed because the genuine line is too expensive, so Shenzhen Huaqiang North tried to solve it, and then finally pulled the price of the cottage line to the point of a few bucks. Most people will have several data lines, such as a home, an office, and a car. This is because the cottage line is cheap. If there are more than 100 original lines, how many will you buy? The most suspicion is that the genuine original Apple data line is easy to be bad, basically looks like a year to break into the bottom of the map, and you have to re-buy, so the cottage line was so cattle, according to authoritative statistics, Huaqiang North produced the cottage Line, in the Chinese market one year or sales will be billions.

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