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British Stockpiling Milk Powder To Prevent From Baby Lacking Milk

Brexit may cause British babies to drink without milk? This is really not an alarmist. According to the British "Daily Mail" disclosed on December 2, the British Minister of Health and Social Security Hancock has ordered the storage of infant formula to cope with the emergency situation in which the UK has no agreement to leave the EU once the Brexit agreement is not approved by the British Parliament. . According to data submitted to the British cabinet, about 80% of the infant formula in the UK is imported from the EU.

According to another report, Hancock recently approved the purchase of 5,000 large freezers for the storage of medicines worth more than £1 million. In addition, the British Ministry of Health is also preparing to spend 8.9 million pounds to purchase medicines and medical equipment for storage in the warehouse. A British government spokesman said: "Our plan will ensure that after Brexit has all the necessary resources to protect domestic consumers, avoid food safety risks and ensure the supply of specialty foods."

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