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Are These Two-sided Data Lines Used?

     Before the Apple mobile phone came out, the mobile phone we used was an Android phone. The data cable used was the microUSB data cable (5pin), which is the Android data cable. This microUSB must be used to distinguish between the front and back, otherwise it could not be inserted into the phone. Used on. It's not very convenient to get up again. Since Apple's mobile phone came out, Apple's data line is actually able to double-sided plug it, which led to the revolution of the data line industry, ah, followed by Android double-sided plug out, these double-sided data cable you used it?

     There are three types of double-sided data cables that are popular and widely used on the market. There are three types of data cables for the apple, 8pin (lightning plug), two-pin plugged in the Android data cable (micro plug 5pin), and an Android type-c data cable (USB-C plug ). The data lines of these three plugs all support double-sided insertion, regardless of the front and back.

     1. double-sided plug Apple data cable, Apple 5 mobile phone data cable used later are 8pin lightning plug data cable. Before Apple 5's mobile phone, Apple's 4s mobile phone data cable is 30pin plug is relatively large, the phone's charging jack is also relatively large, taking up a large part of the phone space, and Apple 4s data cable is not double-sided, but also Aligning with the phone jack can be used, which is extremely inconvenient to use. After the Apple 5 mobile phone came out, and behind the models are using 8pin lightning data line lightning plug, support positive and negative plug, compact appearance, more beautiful. Not only is it convenient and practical, but the reduction of the mobile phone jack also saves a lot of space for the mobile phone to use.

      2. double-sided plug the Android data cable, with the emergence of double-sided plug apple lightning data line, but also to the Android data line to a revolutionary upgrade. The Micro USB double-sided plug data cable developed by a manufacturer in Shenzhen, through the design and modification of the USB port, was able to insert a data cable that is suitable for all current Android phones.

      The data line redesigned the plastic core mold on the basis of the traditional USB cable, and implanted an auto-adaptive IC that automatically flips the positive and negative polarities in the wire to ensure the normal transmission of data and current, and solved the long-term obsession with Android users. The insertion puzzle. Micro USB's double-sided data line interface interface does not use the conventional half-edge design. Instead, the data interface is designed as a double-sided sheet in the middle. Visual inspection can be used on both sides, directly solving a major problem in the world.

Double-sided plugged in Android data cable

      3.double-sided plug type-c data cable, Type-C is a USB interface connection interface, both positive and negative sides can be inserted, the size of about 8.3mm × 2.5mm, and other interfaces support USB standard charging , data transmission, display output and other functions. The highlight of this new interface is a slimmer design, faster transmission speeds (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transmission (up to 100W). The biggest feature of the Type-C double-sided pluggable interface is that it supports the double-side insertion of the USB interface, formally solves the worldwide problem of "USB never inserts in and out", and inserts both front and back. At the same time, the USB data cable used with it must also be more detailed and lighter. The main promoters of the USB-C interface standard include international companies such as Apple, Intel, Google, and Microsoft, so the future of type-c data lines is expected to unify the data line interface standards.

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