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Apple 8 Fast Charging USB3.0 Data Line, But Need To Buy Another You Will Buy It?

    Apple 8 out of usb3.0 + lightning fast data cable. The original Apple data line must be 149, Apple 8 fast charging USB3.0 data line, but need to buy another you will buy it? Think about the original must be 149, fast charging the price will not be higher! With Apple 8, it is difficult to accept that there will be no fast-charging data line. It is estimated that there will be a group of loyal fruit powders that will be handcuffed.

     What the iPhone 8 brings is not only the change of appearance design, but also the data line has been greatly improved over the past. According to the latest information on the Internet, supply chain sources revealed that the iPhone 8 is expected to support the usb3.0 standard, and the transmission rate will be greatly improved. Sources said that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with two data lines, the standard line does not have fast-charge (USB-A to Lightning), and USB 3.0 and USB-C to Lightning are supported separately. This also means that if users want to enjoy fast charging and USB 3.0, they need to pay extra. Prior to this, iPhone Lightning was still the USB 2.0 standard, and the theoretical maximum transmission bandwidth was 480Mbps (ie, 60MB/s). After the iPhone 8 was upgraded to USB3.0 (ie, USB3.1 Gen1), the maximum transmission bandwidth was up to 5.0Gbps ( 500MB/s).

    The new connector is very different from the previous iPhone data cable, from four main chips into only one NXP 6B0A chip, and the integration is even higher. Industry insiders analyzed that this change is to add the latest encryption protocol, increase the difficulty of cracking, or to improve the power supply, in line with the new machine's fast charging and wireless charging characteristics.

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