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Is there a one-time power bank?

To know that you are out of the door, you basically rely on mobile phones to take a taxi, pay, and contact. If you don't have a mobile phone, you will feel that the sky is falling. Fortunately, the mobile power of each brand is currently light and durable, and it is enough to use a 10000mAh mobile power supply for business trips. However, there are always some special cases when the mobile phone and the mobile phone are out of power for too long.


The three disposable charging treasures are plastic packaging bags, which are similar to the XX sets. The packaging has no Chinese logo. The detailed parameters such as 1000mAh capacity, 5V/800ma output, 45g weight and shelf life are 3 years.

The voltage and current of the test seems to be far from the nominal distance. The voltage is as low as 4.6V, and the current is not even 700mA. It is completely inconsistent with the nominal value. The overall charging power is only a poor 2.9W.


At the beginning of charging, I checked the charging status every 10 minutes. When charging for 20 minutes, the current was less than 300mA, and the overall charging power was only 1.3W. However, it is worth noting that the mobile phone battery has increased, from 9% to 14% in 20 minutes, up 5%.


I am a very curious person, I am curious about what is inside this one-time mobile power supply, so I used my knife to break the small mobile power supply to complete the disassembly.


This is actually the case, three sections of the 7th battery are connected in series. The three-cell battery can reach 4.5V in series, which can greatly reduce the circuit boost pressure. The battery plus an IC control module forms the one-time mobile power supply.

This kind of similar one-time mobile power supply basically uses a very cheap dry battery as a source of electric energy. If the dry battery continues to be powered by a large power, it will be prone to rapid depressurization and downflow. And one-off products, do not expect the product to have good materials and components in the power control, so the charging process may have an impact on the life of the power IC inside the phone, especially the delicate iPhone users should pay attention. I don’t have much to say about product information, no English logo, false publicity, etc. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to buy. Even in an emergency situation, when your mobile phone is powered off automatically, the battery is mostly in a deficient state. You can't do anything with this one-time mobile power supply. It is expected that you can open a machine. I have to shut down automatically.

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