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5G mobile phone body will be made of glass or Kevlar material

In 2018, the growth rate of global smartphones has slowed down, and the global mobile phone market is naturally not optimistic. The industry expects the arrival of 5G will drive a wave of change. Because 5G will bring a new network standard, and existing mobile phones cannot access 5G networks.

5G will also change the body material of the mobile phone, because the traditional aluminum body will cut the signal transmission of 5G, affecting the connection speed. At present, the 4G mobile phone body uses a metal middle frame and a casing, and a signal band is reserved on the body, and then the nano-injection process is used for the body connection. However, 5G uses higher frequency pulse waves, so manufacturers of related smartphones will consider eliminating the previous metal body.

In the future, the body material of 5G mobile phones will use more materials such as resin and glass, which are not easy to interfere with signal transmission, which is also related to the current mainstream design style.

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